Las Vegas: Cheesesteaktruck / ItalianIceTruck

Cheesesteak Truck / Italian Ice Truck
Cheese steak without onions wit Wiz
Banana Strawberry Italian Ice
Chocolate Italian Ice

After leaving Sloppijo’s, we headed toward the Premium Outlet and stopped at Cheesesteak Truck, who is also The Italian Ice Truck.

Yes, you can get a genuine Philly sandwich and Italian ice (shipped from Philly!) from one truck, at one stop.

Karen and I split a Philly cheesesteak wit out onions wit cheesewiz… Just like we did in Philadelphia.

For dessert, Karen had the Strawberry-Banana italian ice, and I ordered Chocolate.

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Las Vegas: SloppiJos

Sloppi Jo’s
Fried Mac & Cheese w/ Pork
Chicken Taco
Tres Leches cupcake
Cookie w/ a brownie inside
Chocolate cupcake sprinkled with chili powder
The Sloppy Jos
Pork Taco

What luck that we were staying at The Rio, and SloppiJo’s was going to be parked behind the Palms, located across the street for lunch.

We tried their newest creation, fried Mac & Cheese with pork. Karen and I also shared the Chicken tacos made with diced green chilies, cheese & cabbage.

For dessert I got the Tres Leches (3 milk) cupcake, and Karen got the Chocolate chip cookie with a brownie in the middle. They also had a chocolate cupcake with chili powder on top (which we passed on).

Another customer had the Pork taco, made with guacamole, pickled onions, & the Sloppi jo, which is slow roasted pork with red chili sauce topped with a fried egg and picked onion.

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Las Vegas: Tastybunz

Tasty Bunz
Happy Endings, a dessert combo
A tasty bunz
Tater tots, Lumpia (eggroll) and the Mccheesy Tasty Bunz

After visiting SnowONOshaveice and Hanshiktaco, we decided to head back toward the Strip to try Tastybunz.

Tastybunz are soft buns filled with meat. We were actually full from the first three trucks, so we sampled a few items. Karen ordered the “Happy Ending” dessert sampler, which are pot stickers filled with white chocolate, peanut crisp, and chocolate banana.

I ordered the Mccheesy, a mushroom bun filled with truffle Mac & Cheese, an order of “Mom’s Lumpia”, and Truffle Tots.

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Las Vegas: Snow ONO Shave Ice & Hanshiktaco

Melona, Horchata, Lychee topped with azuki beans
Banana Strawberry Shave Ice
SnOwONO shave Ice
Pork taco
Crazy’s Sweet Dough

After chasing down Islandbreeze, our next stop was a half hour’s drive across town at Lee’s Discount Liquor at 7411 Lake Mead Boulevard.

SnowONOshave ice and HANSHIKTACO were there.

Karen got her usual shave ice flavors (Banana & Strawberry) and I tried the Horchata, Lychee, & Melona with Azuki beans. Both shave ices were snow capped.

At Hanshiktaco, we shared the Pork taco and the Crazy’s Sweet Dough.

It’s only 4:00, and we’re stuffed, but our quest to find GFTS is not over…YET!!

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Las Vegas: Island breeze

Island Fusion Wrap with Ahi Poke Tuna
Teriyaki Chicken bento box
Spam Breakfast Plate
Island Breeze parked on the UNLV campus

My very first Vegas food truck was Islandbreeze. Thus, it is only natural that in my quest in chasing a Vegas truck, I make a stop here.

Finding Islandbreeze, however, was a challenge. On their web page they said between Leid Library & CBC on the UNLV campus. After asking several students, driving all along the perimeter of the campus, we finally spotted the truck. It really was ON the campus, next to the Koch Auditorium. We were lucky and found meter parking behind the library and some copy center.

I ordered my favorite, the Island Fusion Wrap with Ahi Poke Tuna, and the Teri Chicken Bento box (which had rice, noodles, spam & chicken). Karen picked up the Spam Breakfast plate (2 scoops of rice, 3 slice of grilled spam & egg).

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Irvine: Piaggio on Wheels, Rancho a Go Go

My sister Becky is helping me out by being my weekly guest blogger.  Due to my busy schedule, I’m not able to attend the Teller lot on Wednesdays and she volunteered to provide a weekly report. 

Though last Sunday marked the first day of Spring, Mother Nature seemed to take her time to send us the sunshine we all missed. Today felt like Spring has finally arrived! The sun was out and so were the Teller Lot food trucks, which included Barcelona on the Go, Piaggio on wheels, The Lime Truck, Seabirds, Dos Chinos, Spudrunners, Baconmania, Oh For Sweet’s Sake and Rancho A Go Go. 

My picnic-inspired lunch was the Milanesa sandwich from Piaggios, which consisted of thinly pounded chicken lightly breaded and fried with lettuce and tomatoes, and a side of their crispy chimi fries.  My co-worker’s outdoor BBQ-inspired lunch was “The Rhind” at Rancho A Go Go, which was a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with pulled pork and BBQ sauce.

Though we couldn’t enjoy the full picnic or BBQ experience we wanted, we were thankful that the truck gathering gave us an excuse to head outside and enjoy the sunshine, even if it was just for a brief moment.

Milanesa from Piaggio on Wheels
The Rhind from Rancho a GoGo

Los Alamitos: the Lime Truck, Fresh Fries

Crab cake from the Lime Truck
Guava Lime Aid
The sweet potato tots from Fresh Fries

It seems like it’s been an eternity since I’ve been to a food truck. Plus, with so many events going on, my food pictures are getting bumped to page two.

Tonight I stopped at Los Alamitos DinDin a GoGo for a quick bite, and picked up the Crab Cake and a Guava Lime Aid from the Lime Truck.

I ran into Johnny (Sidelinepunk) and his friend, who was munching on the sweet potato tots from Fresh Fries.

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