Las Vegas: SloppiJos

Sloppi Jo’s
Fried Mac & Cheese w/ Pork
Chicken Taco
Tres Leches cupcake
Cookie w/ a brownie inside
Chocolate cupcake sprinkled with chili powder
The Sloppy Jos
Pork Taco

What luck that we were staying at The Rio, and SloppiJo’s was going to be parked behind the Palms, located across the street for lunch.

We tried their newest creation, fried Mac & Cheese with pork. Karen and I also shared the Chicken tacos made with diced green chilies, cheese & cabbage.

For dessert I got the Tres Leches (3 milk) cupcake, and Karen got the Chocolate chip cookie with a brownie in the middle. They also had a chocolate cupcake with chili powder on top (which we passed on).

Another customer had the Pork taco, made with guacamole, pickled onions, & the Sloppi jo, which is slow roasted pork with red chili sauce topped with a fried egg and picked onion.

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