Anaheim: BaconMANia, Rolling Sushi

My parents never had a meal from a Gourmet Food Truck. My dad has a narrow minded view on GFTS.

A few days ago, my mom commented she would like to try Rolling Sushi Van, and fortunately they were at Noble Ale Works tonight.

Baconmania was also at Noble, and to be safe, I ordered the Pork sliders for my dad.

From Rolling Sushi, we ordered the Noble Albacore, The Rolling Ball, Udon (not pictured), Lobster tacos, and (not on the menu) baked Salmon cheeks.

BsconMANia’s pork sliders

The Rolling Sushi Balls

Salmon Cheeks

Noble Albacore

Lobster Tacos

Dad may not be a 100% GFT foodie, but he did like the meal


Costa Mesa: Rancho a Go Go, Swinging Kitchen, Piaggio on Wheels, Morsels Bakery Truck

Pulled pork sliders from Rancho a GoGo
Banana cream puff from Morsels
Dirty Rice from Swinging Kitchen
Tilapia taco from Piaggion on Wheels

Another beautiful day in Southern California, and a reason to find a food truck. Today we went to SoCo in Costa Mesa for brunch.

Martin went to Swinging Kitchen and ordered the Dirty Rice with steak, and a Tilapia taco from Piaggio on wheels.

I went to Rancho a Go Go for the Pork Sliders with slaw, and a Banana Cream Puff for dessert at Morsels Bakery Truck.

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