Anaheim: The OC Food Truck

The “Hip Hugger”: tomatoes, avocado, spinach, mozzarella and a herb spread
Bacon tempura (without the siracha sauce)
Inside the bacon tempura

It’s another Ducks game night, and Noble Ale Works invited The OC Food Truck to serve up the sandwiches and burgers to pair with the Noble beers.

I tried the “Hip Hugger”, which is a sandwich made with tomatoes, avocado, spinach, mozzarella and a herb spread, then grilled.

I also tried a modified version of the Bacon Tempura, which bacon wrapped around spinach, pepperjack, swiss, then dropped in tempura batter. I opted out of the siracha sauce, which is why it looks so…. brown and plain.

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Irvine: Rolling Sushi Van

My sister Becky is helping me out by being my weekly guest blogger.  Due to my busy schedule, I’m not able to attend the Teller lot on Wednesdays and she volunteered to provide a weekly report. 

This week’s guest trucks, aside from the usual five (BOTG, Piaggio, LimeTruck, Dos Chinos, Seabirds) were Lee’s Philly and Oh For Sweet’s Sake. 

One of many great things about living in Southern California is the variety of authentic Asian cuisine. Unfortunately, whenever I travel to Europe, asian cuisine in countries such as Italy, France and Spain pales in comparison.  

I’m heading out on vacation and will be spending the next few weeks in Italy.  I was super excited when Rolling Sushi Van tweeted that they would be at the Teller today, so I could get my last minute Asian food fix!

My co-workers and I all ordered their sashimi salad. My boss also ordered the Salmon Cali roll and I also ordered a shrimp tempura hand roll. 

Wow, picnic tables now at the Teller Lot!

Tempura Roll

Salmon Cali Roll
Sashimi Salad

March 2, Food Trucks for dinner in Anaheim, Cornelia Connelly School

Dr. Jerry Weichman PH.D. will give a lecture on Parents & Educators: Learn How To Deal With Teenagers at Cornelia Connelly School on March 2 at 7:00 pm at 2323 West Broadway in Anaheim, CA.

For this occasion, 6 GFT’s of OC have been invited to serve food for the occasion before the event from 5:00-6:30 pm.

All of participating trucks will donate 10% of our sales proceeds to Connelly.