@fRESHSTREET (Columbus, OH) is worth stopping for

fRESHSTREET is a food vendor in Columbus, Ohio who does Japanese takoyaki (octopus skewers) and Japanese crepes in the daytime from Wednesday to Sunday, and then Yakitori (skewers) at a different venue location on Thursday to Saturday nights inside a bar called Double Happiness.

I was in Columbus for a Ducks hockey game, and wanted to chase food trucks. I found out food trucks don’t really run in the winter time, and stumbled on this place via twitter.  I am a huge fan of Yakitori, and made it a point to try fRESHSTREET while visiting Columbus, Ohio.

It was located inside a small bar in Columbus’ “Brewery District” on Front Street. We were lucky and found meter parking about a block away. Even though it was just a two minute walk, it was the longest walk for a thin blooded tourist like me.  The weather was 16 degrees, and the wind (and snow) was blowing sideways.  I’ll never say 60 degrees in Orange County is “cold” ever again.

Double Happiness is not well marked, but there is a sign facing Front Street that says “Bar Open”.  Once inside, walk to the rear of the bar area and place your order. Crude paper posters of the daily menu are posted on the wall, but ask the cashier first for the updated menu, as we found out popular things seem to sell out.  The prices start at $2 for a skewer, with the most expensive item for this particular evening at $12.

Seating is limited, and it’s good if you don’t mind making new friends. You can sit at the bar or at one of the small, cozy rooms by the front door. The decor reminded me of a place you would find in San Francisco Chinatown, with dark rooms and zen-like pop music playing on the juke.

I was coming from a previous dinner engagement, so I wasn’t very hungry.  I ordered a few skewers, and wish I had more time (or room in my stomach) to enjoy more of the food.  It reminded me of Honda Ya here in So Cal.  If I return back to Columbus, I will try the other location for the Takoyaki and Crepes, and of course, more Yakitori.

Arigato, fRESHSTREET. I really enjoyed my visit.

fRESHSTREET Takoyaki & J-Crepes:1030 N. High St. 43201 Open: (NooN-3pm Wed-Thu-Fri)(NooN-4pm Sat-Sun) and fRESHSTREET Yakitori is located at 482 S. Front St. 43215, inside the Double Happiness bar. Open Th-Fri-Sat (6:30pm-mid)

http://www.facebook.com/freshstreet or twitter @freshstreet

Bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms
Calbi short rib skewer
Grilled zucchini – Grilled chicken wings – Bacon wrapped enoki
Dim rooms – for a very zen mood
The menu for the day.
Ask the cashier what’s sold out