Las Vegas: Snow ONO Shave Ice & Hanshiktaco

Melona, Horchata, Lychee topped with azuki beans
Banana Strawberry Shave Ice
SnOwONO shave Ice
Pork taco
Crazy’s Sweet Dough

After chasing down Islandbreeze, our next stop was a half hour’s drive across town at Lee’s Discount Liquor at 7411 Lake Mead Boulevard.

SnowONOshave ice and HANSHIKTACO were there.

Karen got her usual shave ice flavors (Banana & Strawberry) and I tried the Horchata, Lychee, & Melona with Azuki beans. Both shave ices were snow capped.

At Hanshiktaco, we shared the Pork taco and the Crazy’s Sweet Dough.

It’s only 4:00, and we’re stuffed, but our quest to find GFTS is not over…YET!!

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