Fullerton: Chunknchip, Swinging Kitchen

Josh serves his Booyah with a smile

New truck: Swinging Kitchen

Duck over risotto
Shrimp taco

Martin wanted to stop at downtown Fullerton before the Ducks game to wish his student, Josh, congratulations for getting a job at Chunknchip. As the sign on the truck suggest, we had dessert first with a Booyah.

While waking back to our car, we spotted new truck, Swinging Door on Amerige. Like most new GFTS, they were experiencing truck problems like uneven heat on the stove, missing items, and even a locked cash register.

I had a duck over risotto, and Martin ordered a medley of tacos: shrimp, chicken, and tilapia.
Good luck to the new kid!

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Anaheim: Rolling sushi van

I used to go to the Anaheim Farmers market a lot, when Crepes Bonaparte and Oh For Sweets Sake were there.

Rolling sushi van is making this a monthly stop, and I forgot how much I missed the market.

Karen and I met up here when we saw the Fullerton PD broke up the Chuckwagon Stop. We both ordered our favorite tempura udon, she added tomago egg, and I added the lobster taco. I took a sashimi salad home for Martin.

Sashimi Salad
Lobster Taco
Udon Noodles
Tomago (Egg) sushi