Irvine: Barcelona onthego, Rolling sushi van & TJ Woodfire pizza

Artichoke & sun dried tomatoes frittata from Barcelona on theGo
Spanish Chorizo sandwich from Barcelona on the Go
Strawberry crepe in chocolate batter
Chocolate yogurt from Rolling Sushi Van
Vanilla yogurt from Rolling Sushi Van
Wood fire burning oven
Margharita pizza

Its been a long time since I’ve been to OC GREAT PARK for brunch. When I found out it’s not part of MFP, I couldn’t wait to return.

At Barcelona, I ordered the Artichoke with Sun dried tomatoes Frittata, and Martin got the Catalan sausage sandwich.

While waiting for the food, Martin dashed over to Crepes bonaparte to get a Strawberry & Banana in a chocolate battered crepe.

For dessert we tried the new yogurt from Rolling sushi van. They had chocolate and/or vanilla with optional toppings like mini m & m, sprinkles, gummy bears and sour worms.

There are also vendors at the Farmers Market which are not food trucks. Tj Wood Fire pizza was one of them, and I tried their Margharita.

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Fullerton: Spudrunners, Rolling Sushi Van

Potato pancakes from Spudrunners
Chili with toasted garlic bread from Spudrunners
Egg sushi
Soft shell crab (Spider roll) from Rolling Sushi
Kobe Beef salad

Today there were many food trucks that were out at regular gatherings and charity festivals. Unfortunately, I had errands to do, including taking Lulu to the S-paw for a bath & groom.

Luckily, for dinner two trucks were rolling to the Bootleggers Brewery in Fullerton, which is a few minutes from my place. We braved the icy cold night for Spudrunners and Rolling Sushi Van.

At Spudrunners, I ordered the special of the day: potato pancakes, and Martin ordered the chili to warm up.

At Rolling Sushi, Karen picked up her usual tempera udon (not pictured) and added tomago (sweet egg) sushi. I tried the Spider Roll, which is made with soft shell crab, and Martin and I shared the Kobe beef salad.

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Anaheim: Flavor Rush Truck

Tri tip and Pork sliders
Ham & Cheese on a toasted croissant

The Ducks are playing the Minnesota Wild, and we are debuting newly acquired goalies Dan Ellis and Ray Emery.

Flavor Rush was at the Noble Ale, and I ordered the Tri Tip slider and the Pork slider with a side of fries.Karen picked the Ham and Cheese on a toasted croissant.

Go Ducks!

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Fullerton: Doschinos, Chunknchip

Breakfast Taco
Hollywood chicken
Bolsa Burrito
Bolsa “plate”

The Chuckwagon at Carter Bowl was postponed, so the location got rerouted to Amerige & Harbor in downtown Fullerton.

Martin was already at Doschinos with a student, and they ordered the Doschinos Breakfast Taco, which is steak, rice, chorizo and an egg on top, the Bolsa (pork belly) burrito, and the Hollywood taco, a thai curry chicken taco.

While they went to Chunknchip for dessert, I ordered my Doschinos meal, but off the menu.. Pork bellies over garlic rice. Only the “true” Dos Chinos fans know about this 🙂

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Fullerton: Rolling sushi van

Tempura Udon
Lobster Tacos
Tuna Tadaki Salad
Sashimi Salad

We were supposed to meet Karen at Noble Ale Works, but she got stuck at work. I went home and picked up Martin and we went to Rolling sushi van, who was parked near CSU Fullerton off Deerpark.

We both had Tempura Udon and Lobster taco, but I had mine non spicy. I added a Tuna Tadaki salad, while Martin ordered the Sashimi salad.

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Irvine: Piaggio, SeaBirds, Flavor Rush

My sister Becky is helping me out by being my weekly guest blogger.  Due to my busy schedule, I’m not able to attend the Teller lot on Wednesdays and she volunteered to provide a weekly report. 

In addition to the “regular trucks”, the guest trucks at this week’s Teller Lot were Komodo, Tropical Shave Ice, Chunk-N-Chip, Rancho A Gogo and Flavor Rush. 

Barcelona onthego was one of the very first gourmet food truck I ever tried. I liked his empanadas so much, I convinced my husband to take me to Argentina for the sake of doing “culinary research” so I can determine if there were differences in the Argentine empanadas. (Hey, it worked!)

Now, if I were to close my eyes and was told to pick a gourmet food truck empanadas from an Argentine empanadas , it would be difficult for me to tell the difference.  It was comforting to know that I didn’t need to sit 12+ hours on a plane to find empanadas, when I had one here in Orange County.  

Today I felt like Barcelona onthego’s empanadas and was sad to discover that he stopped serving them several months ago.  I didn’t realize just how long ago I last had an empanada.

Fortunately, Piaggioonwheels kept them on their menu and I’m confident they won’t be taking them off the menu any time soon. Four people waiting in line ahead of me all ordered at least one empanada with their meal, and when it was my turn, I ordered one of each (chicken and caprese).

My boss was feeling particularly healthy today, so she went to Sea Birds for the Blackened tofu caesar salad with truck made croutons, and “the Bella”, a portabella mushroom sandwich on sourdough. 

My co-worker decided to try Flavor Rush (@Flavorrushtruck) and ordered the Mermaid’s Delight, which were 3 scallop/abalone croquettes. The menu noted this item was “limited supply” and they weren’t kidding. They were sold out before noon. In addition to that, she also ordered tilapia tacos and the truffle fries (fries not pictured).

Empanadas from Piaggio on Wheels


Blacken Tofu Caesar Salad with truckmade croutons from SeaBirds


The “Bella” from SeaBirdsTruck

The Flavor Rush


Mermaid’s Delight from Flavor Rush

Tilapia Tacos from Flavor Rush