Irvine: Dos Chinos, Flip Truck

My sister Becky is helping me out by being my weekly guest blogger for the Teller lot on Wednesdays and she volunteered to provide a weekly report. 

Even though it was supposed to rain, today was a beautiful, sunny day to eat lunch at the Teller lot. 

Today’s guest trucks were Flip truck, Burnt truck, Rancho A Go Go, and Morsel’s Bakery Truck. I’m still not entirely sure who is sponsoring the beautiful picnic tables that line the back, but people were definitely enjoying the fact that they were there.

After spending the last two weeks eating in Italy, I was looking forward to eating at my favorite taco truck, Dos Chinos. The bbq pork and asada taco didn’t disappoint and satisfied both my Asian craving and Mexican cravings that I had at the same time!

My co-worker got the “Killer Combo” at Flip truck: a choice of 2 sliders (Ahi and American Kobe  pictured), a side of fries and a small cupcake.    

The Asada Taco from Dos Chinos
The Bolsa (pork bellies) taco from Dos Chinos
The Flip Truck “Killer Combo”