Fullerton: Rolling Sushi Van, Morsels Bakery

Baked Salmon
Sashimi Salad
Dessert Shots from Morsels Bakery Truck
You can spot Martin and Linda in line for their iPad2

Today was the debut of the Apple ipad 2, and Martin wanted one. Fortunately there were food trucks at the Best Buy Fullerton, and lucky for me Rolling Sushi Van was serving non meat items for those observing Lent.

The special taco of the day was the Baked Salmon, which Linda ordered. Martin ordered the Sashimi Salad, and Karen & I ordered our usual Udon (not pictured) before going to Morsels Bakery Truck for our Banana Cream Dessert Shots.

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#OCTruxStarS at JStarMotors in Anaheim?? (not confirmed)

now called the OCTruxStarS event (a play on host, JStar Motors).
This location will be hosted by @Baconmania. 
I was not able to get a flyer of the latest lineup.
Rollingsushivan was the only one who had this on their schedule. Please check with various trucks to make sure someone will be there.