Anaheim: Dogzilla, Rolling Sushi Van

the Noble Albacore
Spicy tuna handroll
Not sure what to call this…
Its a spicy tuna from Rolling Sushi Van,
But the rice was grilled on Dogzilla’s truck
The Dogzilla
Garlic Tots

Tonight Dogzilla and Rolling Sushi van were at Noble Ale Works, to feed the hungry fans watching the Lakers/ Heat game.

Rolling Sushi is no longer serving yogurt, and the van now reads “Rolling Sushi Van and Rolls”.

From Rolling Sushi, we ordered the Noble Albacore, Spicy Tuna handroll, and (not pictured) Udon. While eating, Chef Chris let us try something that won’t be on the menu… A spicy tuna on rice that was grilled on Dogzilla’s truck.

From Dogzilla, we ordered the original Dogzilla and a side of garlic tots.

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