Santa Ana: (Santiago Art Walk) Oh for Sweets Sake, Uncle Lau’s BBQ, Komodo

There was a food truck gathering at the Santiago Art Walk in Santa Ana.  Piaggio on Wheels, Tropica. Shave Ice, Oh For Sweets Sake, Uncle Lau’s BBQ and Komodo were in attendance. 
Tonight was also Oh For Sweets Sake’s debut of their “Saturday Night Soul Food” savory menu: Fried chicken, Mac n Cheese, Shrimp Poor Boy & Fries, and Pulled Pork sliders.

Oh For Sweets Sake debut the Saturday Soul Food menu
Karen ordered the Mac n Cheese
Came with corn bread muffin & fruit
2 pc of fried chicken, mac & cheese
corn bread muffin & fruit
The OFSS “Twinkie” filled with raspberry instead of cream

We also tried some other trucks…

Komodo Truck (photo courtesy of Orangcountygal)

Pork Meatballs topped with Spanish Red Bell Pepper Sauce
(photo courtsy of orangecountygal)


Uncle Lau’s Island BBQ
Uncle Lau’s bbq brisket


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