Santa Ana: Tropical Shave Ice & Oh For Sweets Sakes

I thought this was going to be a quiet evening until I looked at twitter (darn twitter!) and saw that a few trucks were in downtown Santa Ana tonight.  I quickly changed out of my pajamas (don’t laugh, it was only 7pm) and drove down with my friend Karen.

Martin got a crepe from Crepes Bonaparte, Karen and I got shave ice, and then we went to the Oh For Sweets Sakes for a 6-pack of cupcakes.

My small vanilla with red beans and condense milk shave ice.
various cupcakes from Oh For Sweets Sakes.
From the top, going from left to right:
Birthday cake, Chocolate Mint, Lemon
Lemon drop no frosting, Raspberry, and 50/50 (Orange/vanilla)

Rosemead: Get Shaved

We started off our day at the Orange International Food Fair and I noticed on twitter that GetShaved was going to be in Rosemead at 2:00, and Diamond Bar at 6:00. 

I was originally planning on going to Diamond Bar, but at the last minute, we decided to drive 40 minutes to Rosemead! We scanned the streets, expecting a big truck, but found instead a food.. van?

So which is better? Tropical Shave Ice or Get Shaved?  You’ll have to chase the trucks and find out for yourself… 

Get Shaved… um, van?
Pineapple with red bean and condensed milk (left) and
Blue Vanilla with red bean and condensed milk. Total for both $6
Very tasty, refreshing but smaller than @TropShaveIce (for the same price)