Fullerton: Dos Chinos

We noticed Dos Chinos was right around the corner from our house at the Bootleggers Brewery in Fullerton, so we stopped by to pick up dinner.  Martin really liked the filet mignon taco and wanted to try their burrito.  I was going to take the picture of it,but he claims it looked like “any other burrito” (you determine what that means).

I ordered the filet mignon over garlic white rice and fries.  They had to charge me $1 more because I wanted filet instead of rib eye.  If you look at the picture, I’d say its worth the $8!

Dos Chinos and their wall o menus
Filet over rice and fries, topped with a dallop of guacamole
All this for $8… I have lunch for tomorrow!

Irvine: Tropical Shave Ice

I woke up late and ended up eating at a (gasp!) restaurant for lunch. Ok, it wasn’t even a real restaurant but Panera, a bakery/cafe type place.  I got a cup of mac and cheese and a green salad, and that cost me $7.99+tax.  For the same price, I could get a steak over chimi rice and side zuchinni at Piaggio on Wheels, or my pork bellies with rice and fries at Dos Chinos.  Geez!

While eating,  I noticed Tropical Shave Ice was at a school in Irvine doing a fundraiser until 3:00.  It was about 2:00 when we sped down from Fullerton to Irvine.  Lucky for us, we caught up with them before they left.

Vanilla and banana shave ice with red bean and condensed milk
Martin got the “Tiger’s Blood” (Strawberry & Coconut blend)
with red bean and condensed milk.  Underneath the ice was a scoop of ice cream!

Irvine: Dos Chinos

We were at the Laguna Beach Playhouse and decided on a late night snack. Dos Chinos tweeted they were at the Atomic Ballroom in Irvine until 11:00 pm. 

As we were driving to Irvine, Martin asked me if they (Dos Chinos) knew who I was. I have only eaten there twice, so I said “nah”.  I guess I was wrong.  When we walked up to the truck, both guys greeted me by name.  Its always cool when the peeps from the truck recognize you!

Here’s our late night snack…

Filet Mignon taco
Cost a dollar more than the ordinary steak taco, but worth it!!
Pork bellies over chorizo rice and fries.
There was more chorizo than rice!
There was so much food I took most of it home.