Fullerton: Tropical Shave Ice

After dining al fresco in Santa Ana, we made our way to Fullerton to end our evening with Tropical Shave Ice.  When we arrived, the line was very long… but worth the time!

Regular shave ice: $3.00,
Wait time: 15 minutes. 
Enjoying a shave ice on a humid day: priceless

Watermelon, Vanilla shave ice
topped with sweet red bean and condensed milk

Santa Ana: Piaggio on Wheels, Dos Chinos

In the last 48 hours, there’s been a big confusion (not to mention worry) about the future of OC Din-Din a Go Go.  This made me want to savor a gourmet truck in case there was no chance of finding something tomorrow.  After work, we made our way to Santa Ana to have dinner with Piaggio on Wheels and Dos Chinos.

Pork Bellies with a mango chile sauce over rice
Steak pichanta with zucchini over rice
Tofu and zucchini over rice

OC DinDinAGoGo: K1 location= Cancelled!

Wow, the world of gourmet trucks have grown so fast, that we actually outgrew ourselves!  I found this tweet from Tropical Shave Ice that the OC DinDin a Go-Go got canceled.  We (the foodies) are not sure if it is due to the crowds or K1 got complaints from the property management, or we were not giving K1 customers a place to park.

Right now Tropical Shave Ice and Lomo Arigato are looking for a new place to call Wednesdays “home”, and that will involved a place that can accommodate lunch trucks, lots of foodies, and parking!  Good luck!

Screenshot from @TropShaveIce