OC Foodie Fest: Nom Nom Truck

Nom Nom truck specializes in Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwiches

OC Foodie Fest: The Shrimp Guys

On August 28 the Orange County Register sponsored a huge gourmet truck event at the Honda Center.   49 trucks were parked, 8500+ people attended. The sun was blazing, food was being served, and people were waiting as long as an hour for truck food!

I was lucky and got the VIP package, so for the first 1/2 hour I had only 500 people to compete for 49 trucks. In addition, VIP’s had samples to taste (I am sure the food was also on the normal truck menu), free water and snacks like PopChips and Kind Bars.

The Shrimp Guys
The Garlic Shrimp Plate is.. garlickY!

Summer 2010: Piaggio, SeaBird, Dos Chinos, Tropical Shave Ice

During the summer my friends and I would dine at the trucks around Orange County, particularly eating Piaggio on Wheels and Crepes Bonaparte. 

In August 2010 new trucks started popping up.
Here we are at the Blackmarket Bakery with a few trucks…

Piaggio on Wheels

Pulled pork with chimichurri rice from Piaggio

My friend Anna getting food at the Seabird Truck

New truck Dos Chinos: Rib Eye over Garlic Fries
The fries are very garlicy, the meat was tasty

Tropical Shave Ice
LOVED the condensed milk they pour on it.