Irvine: Piaggio on Wheels (at Blackmarket Bakery)

It seems that lately I have to make a sacrifice in order to eat at my favorite truck. Today, Anna and I took Corey “all the way” to Irvine to get lunch. 

Nestled in one of the obscure office parks off Redhill Drive & Skypark is a place called Blackmarket Bakery.  You would never know from the outside that this place sold food. They make the most amazing cakes, cookies, and pastries. They also make a pasta with wine! Truth be known, I don’t get any of those items but their Sunflower & Almond Brittle! 

In the past, Piaggio on Wheels would make this location his Friday afternoon stop.  Then, on August 13th, Piaggio invited a few other gourmet trucks. The property management company put their foot down and placed a temporary stop to visiting trucks. 

Thanks to the efforts of Blackmarket Bakery, they convinced the managment company to allow a guest truck to visit occassionally.  Now, a month later, Piaggio is back at Blackmarket, and all is right in The OC.

Today’s lunch special:
Peppercorn picanha (steak) over garlic mashed potatoes from Piaggio

Piaggio’s tofu tacos with the “pink” sauce, chimmichuri sauce,
served over chimi rice and grilled zucchinis
The Almond-Sunflower brittle from Blackmarket Bakery
This item is vegan, as they use pure cane sugar instead of butter

It’s that time of the year!
Pumpkin Spice Woopie pie from Blackmarket Bakery