Fountain Valley… was a bust!

The past week @Anhjoola was promoting a big event at the FVOpenAirMarket.  From 8:00-2:00 at the Fountain Valley Open Air Market off Brookhurst and Heil, the big “OC trucks” were supposed to be there… CrepesBonaparte, theLimeTruck, Brcelonaonthego, Piaggioonwheels, DanDanBBQ.

After tweeting and asking other foodies who was confirmed, theLimeTruck tweeted they were never confirmed, nor were they planning on attending since they’re off on Saturdays.

I checked the schedule of CrepesBonaparte and Brcelonaonthego, and they did not post a confirmation either.  Then, on Friday anhjoola tweeted they were unable to attend because they didn’t get an OC permit. 

Piaggioonwheels tweeted only they were confirmed, and possibly DanDanbbq.  Since I really wanted to support this new location, I decided to attend.

I arrived today at 10:30 am to find this tiny portion marked “Open Air Market”. It was a near empty lot containing a few tents with merchants selling “flea market” things like shoes, scarves and knick knacks.  It was very depressing. It looked more like a yard sale than an “open air market” with real vendors. The only truck parked in the lot was DanDanBBQ (and they didn’t even tweet they would be there!)

We did not see Piaggioonwheels, so I called and left a message.  We circled the lot, thinking maybe they were parked somewhere else. 

I sent Martin to ask DanDanbbq to find out what is going on. DanDanBBQ made it sound like Piaggioonwheels left because they were not enough customers.  Well, I would not blame them, as it was very depressing, and not at all as it was hyped up to be.

FVOpenairmarket never promoted it, yet they posted on their website 15 vendors were going to be there… a “big event”.  What a joke!

I also blame AnhjooLA as they tweeted things which were never confirmed, and never retracted the trucks were not confirmed.

As for me, it was a waste of my time, and my morning. 

In a few hours, I’ll be heading to Santa Ana and see if I’m more successful for dinner.
Supposedly these trucks will be at the Santiago Walk: piaggioonwheels, unclelausbbq, ohforsweetssake (debut of a new savory menu!), and tropshaveice.

If you have no plans, come down and join me…
709 N Poinsettia St. Santa Ana in the Santiago Art District
(off the 5 freeway… near Santa Ana Blvd / Grand Ave)


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