Venice: DimSumTruck, CiaoBella, and KO Taco

Today the Anaheim Ducks had their 2nd day of training camp at the Anaheim Ice. After the first scrimmage, Karen joined us for breakfast. During breakfast, I looked at twitter and asked her if she wanted to chase some new trucks.  We took off from Fullerton and headed toward Venice in search for new trucks…

We took freeways 57, 91, 605, 105, 405, and 90 to get to “The Brig”.  We went to get food from the Dim Sum Truck, but new truck Ciao Bella was also there, and it was their second day in business. While walking back to our car, we saw KO Taco Truck across the street.

Dim Sum Truck parked at “The Brig” in Venice
Clockwise (from top left): Peking Duck Taco,
Siu Mai (pork), Ha Gow (shrimp), & Sticky Rice wrapped in lotus leaf
New truck “Ciao Bella”. Second day on the street
(person in front of truck: unknown)
Ciao Bella!
An order of the meat lasagna from Ciao Bella

KO Taco Truck hiding down the street
The Pollo (chicken) taco from KO Taco Truck

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