Irvine: The Lime Truck

My sister Becky is my weekly guest blogger, reporting on food trucks from the Teller & Michelson lunch lot in Irvine, CA. 

Today was one of those beautiful, sunny days where you’d rather be anywhere but inside the office.

Due to their increase in popularity and fan following, I hadn’t been to The Lime Truck in a while because the wait in line is always so long. Today, however, I arrived a little earlier than usual and was glad to see only a handful of people in front. I love their ceviche and knew right away I had to try their ahi poke, which is fresh diced tuna with crushed macadamia nuts, avocado drizzled with a little spicy salsa, served over a bed a fresh tortilla chips.

Best of luck to the Lime Truck and Seabirds as they represent OC in second season of The Great Food Truck Race!


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