Los Feliz: Mandoline Grill, Canters, Grill Em All, Crepen Around

Bun (noodles) from Mandoline Grill
Potato Pancakes
Egg Salad Sanwich from Canters
Peanut butter & jelly ravioli from Grill em All
Banana Nutella Crepe from Crepen Around

Martin is on Spring Break, and he felt like driving an hour from The OC to the new Los Feliz Din Din a Go Go.

He went to Mandoline Grill for their Bun, a chilled vietnamese noodle dish with vegetables, meat, and fish sauce.

Karen and I went to Canters. I ordered the potato pancakes with apple sauce, and Karen got the egg salad sandwich.

Later, Karen went to Grillem All and got the Peanut Butter & Jelly ravioli tossed in cinnamon sugar. Martin went to Crepen Around for the Banana Nutella crepe.

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