City of Industry: Vesuvio, Lobsta Truck, Waffle de Liege, Temaki, Onolicious

Caprese skewers from Vesuvio
Ravioli w/ garlic bread from Vesuvio
Lobster roll from Lobsta Truck
Crab roll from Lobsta truck
New truck: Waffles de Liege
Banana and Strawberry Waffle
Temaki Truck
Temaki Sushi Rolls
California roll from Temaki Sushi
Papaya Teriyaki Plate from Onolicious

Spam Musubi

The line for Grilled Cheese Truck

It’s First Friday at the Speedzone in the City of Industry.

Karen, Martin and I went to different trucks and met up to share the food.

I went to Vesuvio and Lobsta Truck. At Vesuvio, I ordered the Caprese skewers and the Cheese Ravioli. Both items came with garlic bread. Then at Lobsta, I picked up the Lobster Roll w butter and the Crab Rolls w butter.

Martin went to Waffle de Liege and picked up the Liege Waffle topped with Strawberry and Bananas.

Then he went to Temaki Sushi and picked up California Roll, Temaki Maki (filled with spicy tuna, salmon, yellow tail, albacore, octopus, & shrimp), Slammin Salmon (chopped alaskan salmon mixed with temaki secret sauce), and the Flamin Yellow Tail.

Karen went to Onolicious and picked up the Papaya Teriyaki plate and a Spam Musubi.

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