Costa Mesa: Piaggio on Wheels, Tropical Shave Ice

Pork loin with peppers & zuchinni over chimichurri rice
Argentine skirt steak over chimichurri rice
Tofu & zuchinni
a snow capped melona – vanilla tropical shave ice

One of the more popular Thursday lunch spots in Orange County is at the OC Fair. Martin was off on Spring Break and we went to Piaggio on wheels for their lunch special.

I wanted to try the pork from the Porker Sandwich (rosemary infused pork loin), but didn’t want the bread. I customized it by putting it over the chimichurri rice & zucchini. Martin ordered the chimi skirt steak version, and I ordered a tofu version for my coworker.

For dessert… My favorite: a snow capped melona-vanilla Tropical Shave Ice!

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Irvine: Dos Chinos

My sister Becky is helping me out by being my weekly guest blogger.  Due to my busy schedule, I’m not able to attend the Teller lot on Wednesdays and she volunteered to provide a weekly report. 

Several weeks ago, Dos Chinos tweeted that they were now serving Vietnamese Iced Coffee (or Cafe Sua Da) as part of their menu. I love Vietnamese Iced Coffee, but unfortunately, there are a lot of places that don’t serve it well.

My criteria for the perfect cup of cafe sua da is as follows:

  • They have to use real, condensed milk and not a CoffeeMate (or equivalent) substitute, which completely overpowers the drink;
  • The taste of coffee needs to be more prominent than the condensed milk;
  • Overall, the balance needs to be rich, bold and flavorful, not separated (as in, you can taste the separation of water, coffee and milk).
  • The best cafe sua da is best described as drinking liquid dark chocolate. Sublime!!

I’ve passed over ordering Dos Chinos coffee because I was admittedly leery they wouldn’t meet my expectation. That is, until today. I noticed they had changed the listing from “Vietnamese Iced Coffee” to “Super Strong Vietnamese Iced Coffee.”

The change in description piqued my curiousity, so I decided to give it a try. The result? Their coffee met all three of my criteria. It had a nice, thick quality to it and really had a well balanced flavor. Though, not the best I’ve tried, I would definitely order it again if I don’t have time to make it up to Little Saigon to get the good stuff.

As for their claims of begin “Super Strong?” Well, I’m not bouncing against the walls, but it has certainly helped me get through the rest of this afternoon much easier.

Fullerton: Rolling Sushi Van

It’s been a while since I’ve had Rolling Sushi. Like many Gourmet Food Trucks (GFTS), The RSV have been experiencing mechanical problems, which took them off the streets for almost a week.

They tweeted were back at the Deerpark Apartments on Wednesday, which was perfect since we had a very important Ducks game to attend, and we have been lucky when we eat at The RSV beforehand.

Chef Chris made us his secret baked Salmon Cheek. Martin ordered the spicy tuna roll, while I ordered the Tuna California cut roll.

Oh, the Ducks beat the San Jose Sharks 6-2! Corey Perry scored his 50 th goal for the season and a hat trick.

Chef Chris’ Baked Salmon Cheek
Its not on the menu, and it takes about 20 minutes to make… so ask for it if you have time!
Spicy tuna handroll
Tuna California Roll

Congrats to Anaheim Ducks Corey Perry for scoring (at least) 50 goals this season
Two games left to go… you still have time for more!

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