Pomona: Flying Pig, Streets of Thailand

We were sitting at home and came across a tweet that said food trucks were going to be at the Pomona Art Walk, and Eat Phamish was one truck Martin wanted to try.

After driving from Orange County, we found out that Eat Phamish was not able to make it. We stopped at Flying Pig and got a Tamarind Duck, but on a bun instead of a taco.

Then, we went to Street of Thailand and ordered a Shrimp Pad Thai and a Thai iced tea with boba.
As the sun went down, we found ourselves freezing… And went looking for a coffee house.

Tamarind Duck from Flying Pig

Pad Thai from Streets of Thailand

Thai Iced Tea

Irvine: Rancho a Go Go, Piaggio, Shortstopbbq, Chompchomptruck, Rolling Sushi, Oh For Sweets Sake

The Raise Foundation was having an event to bring awareness on child abuse prevention. About 15 OC Food Trucks were there and I stopped by a few  trucks to pick up lunch and dinner.

At Ranchoagogo, I picked up Pulled Pork sliders, then went to Shortstopbbq for a side of their “offensive” Baked beans.

At Piaggio on wheels, I ordered Argentine skirt steak with grilled vegetables over chimichurri rice, and a refreshing Hibiscus Rose water Lychee tea from Chompchomptruck.

We stopped at Rolling Sushi Van for a Sashimi Salad (not pictured) and  Spicy Yellowtail handrolls.
Lastly, we picked up a “naked”  (no frosting) sweet potato cupcake from Ohforsweetssake.

Argentine skirt steak with grilled veggies from Piaggio
Hibiscus rose water with Lychee from Chomp Chomp Truck
“Offensive” baked beans from Shortstop BBQ
Pulled Pork Sliders from Rancho a Go Go
a “naked” Sweet Potato cupcake from Oh For Sweets Sake
Spicy Yellowtail Handrolls from Rolling Sushi Van

Anaheim: the OC Food Truck

The Ducks was having their final home game of the regular season, and the Angels was having their home opener. Noble Ale Works invited fans to stop by for beer and food.

We went to The OC Food Truck and modified the Mac Daddy to be lent friendly, changing the chicken and bacon for shrimp.

By they way… The Ducks did beat the LA Kings, 2-1, and clinched a playoff spot.

A modified Mac Daddy: Fries and Mac n Cheese with shrimp instead of bacon & chicken

Let’s Go Ducks!