Las Vegas: Hodgepodge (Cleveland), Devilicious (San Diego), Roxys Grilled Cheese (Boston)

While at the Lime Truck location, we found out there were other trucks near El Cortez in downtown Las Vegas (Fremont Street). We hopped across town and found 5 trucks, Vegas’ Sloppijo’s and Lulu’s, Roxy Grilled Cheese from Boston, Hodgepodgetruck from Cleveland, and Deviliciousfood from San Diego.

We had until 7: 30 pm to eat before the TV show closed the trucks. We were also full from the Lime Truck, so we picked food from Hodgepodgetruck. Martin ordered the Hodge Podge Dawg and I ordered the Chefs Steak.

While waiting for the food, I went to say hello to the girls from Devilicious. They were amazed I drove from the OC for food.

While eating, we observed Devilicious & Hodgepodgetruck talk “game” strategy. We wanted to try Roxys but were too full, and hope maybe tomorrow we can catch them.

The day crowd had gone home… and this was the crowd at 6:30 pm (1 hour til cut off time)
Chef Chris from Hodge Podge & the Deviliciousfood girls discussing strategy

The Great Food Truck Race supplied the car for each team
Hodge Podge Truck from Cleveland, OH
Chef Chris
The Chef Steak, a filet with mac n cheese & spinach
The Hodge Podge Dawg
Roxy’s Grilled Cheese from Boston, MA

Great Food Truck Race: The Lime Truck teams up with Slidertruck in Vegas

I was at a kiddie birthday party when I got a DM tweet asking if I’d drive to Vegas to support the OC trucks participating in the next Great Food Truck Race (a reality tv show on the Food Network). Hmmm, why not?!

We left The OC at 12: 30, called Bally’s Hotel for a room (perks of being a Total Rewards player) and arrived at Vegas at 4: 30. We found the Lime Truck at 5:30 pm via a tweet from The Slider Truck, and also found other faithful OC foodies at the gathering.

Martin & I ordered the Arrogant Mussels, the Crab & Scallops Ceviche, the Jidori Chickenconfit taco, and a Limeaid from The Lime Truck.

While eating, foodiePaul showed off his beautiful Caprese Salad plate, and I took the picture.

The food gathering was hosted by Vegas truck: the Slider Truck, and we supported them by ordering the Ya Ya (greek) slider and the Pulled Pork slider.

Driving to Vegas from the OC:  4 hours
Getting an upgraded room for free for being a loyal gambler… priceless!
Foodies being filmed by the Food Network
Even Man’s best friend wore his finest boots
The Lime Truck from the OC
Sweeet truck guys!

The Lime Truck’s signature LimeAids
Jidori Chicken Confit taco from The Lime Truck
Maryland Blue Crab & Scallop Ceviche
Classic Caprese Salad
Arrogant Mussels
The YaYa (Greek) slider & the Pulled Pork slider from the Slider Truck
Martin deciding what slider to order
the Slider Truck

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