First Thursday means Melrose Night

Melrose Night:  popular food trucks and shops open late as well as offer promotions on the first Thursday of every month on Melrose Avenue.  (be sure to visit the stores below to find out about one-day promotions!)

Time: 6PM-10PM

Location: Melrose Avenue b/w N. Ogden St. and Stanley Avenue
Parking: Sportie LA lot (7753 Melrose Avenue), Barracuda (7769 Melrose Avenue) or street parking.

If you park in one of these lots, you must check out the store.  After all, they’re giving you free parking.


  • 360 Atelier | upscale hair salon | 360 FULL SERVICE – Barber Studio: Mens Cut, Shampoo, Condition, Facial Cleanse & 15 min massage for $50
    7669 Melrose Ave
  • American Apparel | Sweatshop-free fashionable basics
    7726 Melrose Ave
  • Barracuda | Twitter | L.A. fine clothing (look out for Shepard Fairey’s artwork on the side of the store)
    7769 Melrose Avenue
  • Sportie LA Sneakers | Twitter | Exclusive, limited, and new release sneakers | 10% off entire purchase7753 Melrose Avenue
  • SURUTwitter | Joe Hahn of Linkin Park and Noel’s store selling high end men’s and women’s street wear, exclusive toys, and artwork | 10% off entire purchase7662 Melrose Avenue
  • Urban Outfitters | Selling clothing, accessories, and apartment wares for young women and men
    7650 Melrose Avenue
  • My Closet Italia | Italian lifestyle fashion for men and women | 10% off entire purchase7716 Melrose ave
  • Immaculate Conception | TATTOOS: All styles, walk-ins & custom works welcomed | $50 minimum tattoo7704 1/2 Melrose Avenue
  • Headline Records- The Punk Store | buy, sell, trade HEADLINE RECORDS | 10% off entire purchase7706 Melrose Ave
  • Goorin Brothers | Hat Shop: Fedoras, Baseball Caps, Cadets, Duckbills, and other fashionable Hats by Goorin Brothers
    7627 Melrose Avenue | 15% off entire purchase
  • The Originators | Apparel and accessories honoring the early DJ’s, MC’s, Writers, and B-Boys of Hip Hop | 20% off all merchandise
  • XTC Shoes | Sexy & sassy women’s shoe boutique in LA. Join clients Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek and Emmanuelle Chriqui | 20% off entire purchase7603 Melrose Avenue
  • Booya’s Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt | Twitter | 30 cents an oz. Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt shop. Over 12 flavors and over 30 toppings!| 10% off during Melrose Nights!
    7751 1/2 Melrose Ave.


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