Santa Ana: Piaggio on Wheels & Oh For Sweets Sake!

I was thinking about dinner when I received a “direct message” tweet from Oh For Sweets Sake, telling me that they made me a special bundt cake.  They were going to be in downtown Santa Ana on 3rd & Sycamore, about 3 blocks from my work.  I also found out that Dos Chinos was (still) there, as well as Calbi BBQ and SeaBirds. 

Those trucks didn’t tempt me but when Piaggio on Wheels posted THEY were going to be there, I decided dinner with Piaggio…

Grilled tilapia and zuchinni over chimichurri rice
Grilled skirt steak w/ zucchini over chimichurri rice

… and dessert with Oh for Sweets Sake!

Something for every sweet tooth…
my specially made 7-up bundt cake
Light, lemony cake sans frosting

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