OC Foodies: New hot lunch spot on Thursdays!

If you work or live in Costa Mesa/ Newport/ or near the Orange County Fair Grounds, there is a new food gathering on Thursdays. 
Piaggio on wheels, Bakery Truck, Calbi and Louk’s to go are there serving up some good grub!
The Fast Food Maven mentioned it in the article I posted earlier, but I thought I’d post the flyer. 
I didn’t get a chance to chase a truck today, so I’ll share something very ironic, and humorous…

Tonight, the winner of the Great Food Truck Race, Grill em all, was at the Bootlegger Brewery in Fullerton.  As a food truck chaser, that should have been a no brainer for me to go try them.  Instead my long time girlfriend (or my “bff” as girls call it) wanted to to go Island Burgers for dinner. 

How ironic that I give up a chance to eat a “bohemeth” burger from @Grillemalltruck for an ordinary brick n mortar restaurant burger.  Sigh…. she must be a good friend, eh?!

Then again, after checking twitter, maybe it was good I didn’t go. Look at the line!!!

Photo of @bootleggersbrew and @grillemalltruck. Insanely crowded.
photo taken by @threefrenchs

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