Irvine: (OCDinDinaGo-Go) Ahn-joo, Nana Queens

Yesterday was the weekly food truck gathering at K1 Irvine’s OC DinDin a Go-Go.

LA trucks Ahn-joo and Nana Queens (as featured in the Food network tv show: The Great Food Truck Race) were going to be there.  Normally I would not hesistate and make my way to Irvine in a heartbeat… except I also had a Ducks hockey game… and I NEVER miss a Ducks game. 

What to do.. what to do… ???

Lucky for me, it was only a preseason game, and those games do not count. Also, hockey is not popular here in The OC, so there was no reason to worry about a crowd… especially on a preseason game.

We decided to take a chance, fight the rush hour traffic, take the food to go, and gorge out at the Honda Center parking lot!  I went home, got Martin, and made our way to Irvine, arriving a little before 5:30 (fortunately before the crowd arrived!).

I was 2nd in line at Ahn-joo, and Martin was 4th in line at Nana Queens. After I placed my order, I ran to Nana Queens to take Martin’s place, and he went to Piaggio’s to order his food.  By the time I got his pudding, his order was done!

We avoided the 55 freeway traffic by taking Main Street to the 5 freeway, and made it to the Pond at 6:20…. and was able to be in our seats before the puck dropped at 7 pm! Wow, that was teamwork!

Korean pork potstickers (dumplings) from Anh-Joo
Korean garlic fried potato wedges from Ahn-joo
Korean Fried Chicken over egg fried rice from Ahn-joo

The “CarNana”: a banana pudding and vanilla wafers
 topped with caramel from Nana Queens

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