Irvine: Great Balls on Tire, Lee’s Philly, Barcelona ontheGo, King Kone

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Irvine is not close to me… but when Barcelona on the Go tweeted there were a few new trucks coming to The OC, I had to reconsider my lunch plans. 

The tweet said to go to Teller and Michelson, so I assumed it was the lot across from Allergan.  I was wrong.. they really meant the corner of Teller AND Michelson!  Apparently, it was a joint effort to promote commercial and residential real estate on the vacant property.  The property management people had tables and chairs not just for eating, but to discuss being a tenant.  I wonder if anyone actually took brochures on the property?

Anyhoo, the new trucks were Great Balls on Tire, Lee’s Philly, and King Kone, a soft serve ice cream truck that also serves shave ice and milkshakes.

New truck: Lee’s Philly
They make the classic Philly Cheesesteaks, as well as
Kogi (Korean rib) and other cheesesteaks

Classic Philly Cheesesteak w/grilled onions from Lee’s Philly
Great Balls of Tire
They make various meatball sliders
The Ciao Bella by Great Balls on Tire
Veal, pork, pancetta marinara w/ shaved parmesean

While waiting in line for my bacon wrapped dates from Barcelona on the Go, my sister called to check on the lines.  She brought her lunch to work, so the only thing she wanted was ice cream, so I told her I would get one and drop it off her work.

As I was in line, the gals in front of me ordered this milkshake, and I had to take a picture!

Espresso mocha milkshake from King Kone
My sister’s vanilla ice cream in a cup with peanuts.
I cannot believe they did not have lids for the peeps who want it “to go”

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