Pomona: Calbi BBQ, & Placentia: The Lime Truck

We went to the LA County Fair at the Pomona Fairgrounds today.  Admission was only a dollar if you arrived before 1 pm during the Labor Day weekend.  We also decided to have lunch at CalbiBBQ truck instead of the usual fried Fair food.

Wow, a dollar for the LA County Fair!
Calbi BBQ spotted near the Toyota tent!
Steak taco (top) and chicken taco from CalbiBBQ

We left the Fair around 1:30 because it was getting too crowded and hot.  The Lime Truck tweeted they were at the Bruery off Orangethorpe and the 57 freeway, and they were serving up fried chicken, mac n cheese, and smoked salmon.  When we arrived, they only had smoked salmon and so I got that for Martin.

Smoked salmon, flatbread and special sauce from Lime Truck

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