Fullerton: Piaggio on Wheels

I told my husband that i was stuffed from my Dos Chinos lunch, so he suggested dinner at Piaggio on Wheels. (I hope you see the irony in that sentence)

They were parked at the Bootlegger’s Brewery in Fullerton, so really, how could I say no? I met my husband at the Brewey and found him inhaling his meal.  I wish I took a picture of my husband’s steak… it was a steak picanha (Brazilian choice steak cut with peppercorn cream sauce).. It was so heavenly and he devoured it before I could say “hey, blog it!”

Since I was not hungry enough for steak, here is what I had… my very light meal:

Fresh coconut to drink. You pick it, Coli will open it!

My light dinner: Caprese empenada (light flaky shell filled with mozzarella, basil and tomatos)

Churros with caramel (dulce de leche) for dessert

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