OC Truck Summit: Lime Truck, SeaBird Truck, Oh For Sweets Sake!

On Wednesdays, trucks are now converging to Irvine at Teller and Michelson for the “OC Truck Summit”.  On this day, Barcelona on the Go, The Lime Truck, Piaggio on Wheels, Crepes Bonaparte, Oh For Sweets Sake! cupcakes, SeaBirds Truck, Dos Chinos and DanDanBBQ were at this gathering.  I met my sister for lunch (as she works across the street) and we shared a few items

Crab Ceviche w/ tortilla chips by Lime Truck
Very refreshing!

Ultimate Taco by Lime Truck
Jack fruit taco (left) and Avocado taco by SeaBirds truck
A little salty
Raspberry w/ creme cheese, Red Velvet, and Almond Joy cupcakes by Oh For Sweets Sake!
I got this for my friends, who loved it

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