Irvine: The Lime Truck, Barcelona on the Go

My sister Becky is my weekly guest blogger, reporting on food trucks from the Teller & Michelson lunch lot in Irvine, CA. 

There’s a reason why you have to wait in line if you want to eat at The Lime Truck on Wednesdays.

Every week, they’re always thinking outside of the box with innovative items to tantalize our taste buds. The chicken marsala taco (chicken with tomatoes and mushrooms) was a creative take on an Italian dish we all know and love. There was also New England gnocchi, a unique fusion of New England style clam chowder with Italian gnocchi. Brilliant!

In contrast, if you aren’t feeling adventurous, you can’t get any more tried and true than Barcelona on the Go’s top sirloin tacos: Two tacos topped with fresh corn salsa.  Comforting and delicious!

Chicken Marsala taco from the Lime Truck

New England Gnocchi from the Lime Truck

Top Sirloin tacos from Barcelona on the Go


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