Fullerton: Swinging Kitchen, Dos chinos, & Chunknchip Booyah Eating Contest

The Chuckwagonstop in Fullerton has become another popular spot on Thursdays. Today was also the Chunknchip Booyah Eating contest.

While waiting for the contest, I had the Coconut Shrimp lettuce taco and the Pho-rench dip sandwich from Swinging kitchen. Martin had the Perfect Lettuce taco, also from Swinging kitchen, and the Oahu Shrimp taco and the new Irvine Chicken taco from Dos chinos.

Perfect Lettuce taco from Swinging Kitchen
Coconut shrimp taco from Swinging Kitchen

Pho-rench Dip from Swinging Kitchen
Irvine Chicken taco from Dos Chinos
Oahu shrimp taco from Dos Chinos

The Boo-yah eating contest from Chunk n Chip
How fast can you eat 2 Boo-yahs?
The winner is the one in blue

Shove it in… eat! eat!

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