Stop 5: The Lime truck is in Memphis, TN

The Lime Truck and remaining contestants spotted in Memphis!

The Lime Truck was in Memphis, TN for Stop #5 of the Great Food Truck Race. Thank you to the Memphis foodies for tweeting pictures of the truck and food!!

Click here for a great recap of the weekend from blogger @norococo.

The teams were spotted on Friday. The theme… Pork?

The Lime Truck setting up for the day by @Msdoximom

Daniel taking food orders from the hungry Memphis foodies

@lostboydv with Chef Jason

Red Curry Fajita Quesadilla tweeted by @TNRagdoll

The Lime Truck food tweeted by @stacewags
Balsamic Strawberries tweeted by @Mandasuzy

Corn cake w bbq slaw, red curry shiitake quesadilla and strawberry limeade tweeted by @amasilak


Saturday’s menu

Sunday’s menu… and the challenge was Vegetarian!

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