Cerritos: Mandoline Grill, Ludo Truck

On Wednesdays, foodies can find plenty of places to find a food truck. One of the new hot spot is in Cerritos at the Best Buy.

Today I went to Ludo truck for comfort food: fried chicken strips and slaw with a refreshing Watermelon Strawberry agua fresca to drink.

Martin got the vietnamese bun, which is chilled rice noodles topped with meat & veggies served with a side of asian fish sauce to pour over. Karen got the special chicken plate, which is 2 scoops of rice, grilled chicken & vegetables.  Both dishes were from Mandoline Grill.

The refreshing Watermelon Strawberry agua fresca from Ludo
Ludo’s chicken strips and slaw
The Chicken Plate from Mandoline Grill
The Bun from Mandoline Grill

GFTS every Tuesday nights at Robbin Bros Canoga Park

Tuesday Nights from 4:00-8:00 pm are food trucks, featuring Papas Tapas,  Munchie Machine and other different LA trucks rotated each week.  

Robbins Brothers Canoga Park
6645 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Canoga Park CA 91303