Cerritos: DosaTruck, Tapaboyla, Chunknchip

Just 24 hours ago, we were in Salt Lake City, UT buying food from The Lime Truck.

We made it back home at 1:00, and at 2:00 pm, we get a tweet asking if we were going to the city of Cerritos birthday celebration, where a bunch of LA food trucks were there, and there’s no line!

I picked up the “Slumdog” from the Dosatruck, which is like an indian crepe filled with curry, potatoes, and spinach.

Martin went to Tapaboyla and ordered the Tocino bowl, and went to Chunknchip to see if anyone said the secret word for the free Booyah. No one did!

While eating, Josh from Chunknchip joined us for lunch, and he had the Surf & Turf from Lee’s Philly.

Round trip from Brea, CA to Salt Lake City, UT… 1347 miles

The Slumdog from Dosatruck
The Booyah frm Chunknchip that Martin won.
Flavor unknown… and it was melting in the 89 degree heat!
The Tocino Bowl from TapaBoy
The Surf n Turf from Lee’s Philly