Fullerton: Rollingsushivan, Bakery Truck

The Best Buy in Fullerton is getting busier each passing week. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of new food truck eaters who are discovering how delicious the trucks are.  There are also many “seasoned” foodies, the people who are smart enough to bring full size tables and tailgating in the parking lot to enjoy their dinner.

Tonight I went to Rolling sushi van and ordered the U Don, but forgot to take a photo. Chef Chris made another wonderful “secret menu” Salmon Cheek, which was worth the wait.

For dessert, we went to Morsels Bakery Truck where Martin picked up the  fresh Raspberry Cream Puff, and Karen & I ordered the Banana Cream dessert shot.

Secret menu item: Salmon Cheek

Banana cream dessert shots
Raspberry cream puff
Loving the crowd at “Too Fat Too Furious” at Best Buy Fullerton