Santa Anita: Lobsta Truck, Naanstop, Tapaboy, Sweets Truck, Dante fried chicken

Many bloggers and media are calling this event a “disaster” because of the long lines, and trucks running out of food around 1:30 pm.  I can only agree if Santa Anita purposely oversold on tickets just to make a profit, and with no regard for the foodies.  To defend Santa Anita, they were not expecting this kind of success.  Plus, this was their first event.  Do not discount an event because they were “too successful for their own good”. 

Had this been empty and lacking customers, would the same bloggers call this a “success”?? No, I’m guessing the label would have been “pathetic”.

First Annual Food Truck Festival
Lobsta Truck
Two trucks had a line at 11:00 am.
The Grilled Cheese Truck and this one… the Lobsta Truck
The Lobsta Roll
Japanese TV media was there covering the festival

Chunk n Chip with the Grandstand in the background before the crowd

Chicken tandoori Naanwich by Naanstop

The Spam and the Tapa handroll from Tapaboy

Cupcake shots from Sweets Truck
Dante’s Fried Chicken w/ cabbage salad and coconut biscuit

Samosa from Dosa Truck

The lines for all the trucks were super long by noon
The festival was a success but should have limited tickets
The view of the Festival from the Grandstand (on the other side of the racetrack)
Checking out the horses before the race
The horses going to the Starting Gate
The Starting Gate
We left at 2:30,and the lines for the trucks were still long

The Santa anita food festival was a hit! Lucky for me (a veteran truck chaser) I knew I had to arrive early to get the goodies. The Lobster truck was my “must have” target, and even though I arrived at 11 am, there was a line (along with Grilled cheese truck).

While I waited in line, Martin went to new truck Naanstop for the Naanwich Tandoori Chicken, two handrolls from the Tapaboy truck,  and Cupcake shots from the Sweets Truck. 

After I got my Lobster, I ran to Dante’s Fried chicken just as he was just opening up, and ordered his chicken with cabbage & almond salad. While waiting for my order, a lady next to me showed me her Samosa from Dosatruck.

After I picked up my chicken, I looked up to find that every truck had outrageously long lines. We found a table, ate our food, and then ended up going to the Grand Stand, bet on some ponies before calling it a day.

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