Fullerton: Shortstop bbq, Oh For Sweets Sake, Rolling Sushi van, Dos Chinos

The debut of the smoked duck sandwich with arugula and chips
by ShortStop BBQ
Chicken noodle soup from Oh For Sweets Sake
Oahu shrimp taco from Dos Chinos
Spicy tuna roll & Crunch roll from Rolling Sushi Van
Rolling Ball

Even though I live close to the Fullerton #MiniTourTue location, I usually pass it for the Los Alamitos stop for one reason: parking stinks!

However, today Shortstopbbq tweeted they were debuting a new smoked Duck sandwich, which was duck, arugula tossed in a creamy vinegrette and crushed chips. I’m a sucker for duck (and that includes my hockey team). I braved downtown Fullerton for a sandwich and a cup of chicken noodle soup from Ohforsweetssake.

Martin texted me his order while he went to the Starbucks to stake out a table. (Hey, It’s cold outside!) He wanted the oahu shrimp taco from Dos Chinos, and sushi from Rolling sushi van: the Rolling ball, Crunch roll and a Spicy tuna hand roll.

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