Fountain Valley: Flavor Truck, Rolling sushi van, Burnt Truck, The Oc Food Truck

Lulu excited to be at a Food Event (hoping to get a hand out)
Debut of Flavor Rush (Mediterranean cuisine)
Pulled pork slider from Flavor Rush
Rolling Ball from Rolling Sushi Van
Our complimentary California Rolls… just for being frequent visitors on!
Berry Lychee drink from the OC Food Truck

The California Taco from The OC Food Truck

Fried chicken slider w/ tater tots from The Burnt Truck

Today was family day for us at Lunch on the Run. We brought along Lulu (@perritolulu) to the event.

A new truck called The Flavor Rush truck (@ flvrush) made their debut. Martin tried the pulled pork slider.

While stopping at Rolling Sushi for the Rolling Ball, we were told as frequent @Foursquare users, we “unlocked” a prize: two complimentary California rolls & a miso soup (per person!). Too cool!

Stuffed, I waddled to The OC Food Truck for a Berry Lychee drink, while Martin ordered a California taco, before taking off to the gym.

Before heading home, I stopped at the Burnt Truck and picked up a Fried Chicken slider & tater tots.

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Fountain Valley: The Tacodawg, Morsels Bakery Truck, Louks, Tropical Shave Ice, Shortstop bbq

Chill dawg from the Taco Dawg
The Cuban from the Taco Dawg
Caramel apple louks
White chocolate raspberry cream puff from Morsels
There’s always room for Tropical Shave Ice!
The Turducken Gumbo from Shortstop BBQ

There was a food gathering of 12 trucks at the Boomers in Fountain Valley.

Martin had the “Chill Dog” and The Cuban taco from theTacodawg, the Caramel Apple Louks (from Loukstogo), and a White Chocolate Raspberry cream puff from Morsels.

I was looking forward to the Turducken Gumbo from Shortstop bbq. When I arrived, it was still being made, so I started with a Tropical Shave Ice before having my dinner.

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