Los Alamitos: Spudrunners, Short Stop Bbq, The Lime Truck, Tropshaveice

New OC Truck! Spudrunners
Santa Fe Spud from Spudrunner
Grilled Brie from Spudrunner
Risotto & Prime Pork from The Lime Truck
Frites (fries) with smoked turkey and creamed corn
from ShortstopBBQ
Ahi Tuna taco from the Lime Truck
Chicken taco from the Lime Truck
Sun or Rain, Hot or Cold… there’s always room for a Tropical Shave Ice
Shaka bra!

A new truck rolled onto Los Alamitos called Spudrunners. They do (obviously) potatoes, but also grilled cheese and soup. The line for the new truck was super long, but I managed to get a picture of the Santa fe Spud and the Grilled Brie.

I went truck hopping from The Lime Truck, where I got the Risotto & Prime Pork, then picked up the Smoked turkey & creamed corn over frittes.

Martin picked the Ahi Tuna taco & the Fesenjan Chicken taco from the Lime Truck, and a “natural” (naked) hotdog from the Tacodawg, not pictured.

For dessert, where else? Tropshaveice

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