Fountain Valley: Shrimp pimp, Greasy Wiener, OC Food Truck, Dos chinos, Shortstopbbq, Rolling sushi van, Ranchoagogo


The 2010-11 Anaheim Ducks

Fish from Shrimp Pimp
The Greasy Wiener
Empenada from Piaggio on Wheels
Pulled pork w/ slaw & fries from Shortstop BBQ
Twinker belle from The OC Food Truck
Berry Lychee drink from OC Food Truck
Pulled pork slider from Rancho a Go Go
Smothered fries (?) from Rancho a go go
Oahu shrimp taco from Dos Chinos
Garlic cheese fries from Dos Chinos
Tempura udon from Rolling Sushi Van

We had a special Ducks “Skills Showdown” event at 10 am, so we were late getting to the debut of “Lunch on the Run”.

Martin & I went with Karen, Sandy & Wally, and we all took off in separate directions to find food.

I picked up the Fish & Chips from Shrimp Pimp and a Chilidog from The Greasy Wiener.

Karen picked up an empenada from Piaggio.

Martin ordered Pulled pork, slaw & fries from Shortstopbbq, and the Twinker belle & Lychee Berry drink from The OC Food Truck.

Sandy & Wally also ordered the Pulled pork sliders & Smothered fries (?) from Ranchoagogo, as well as the Oahu shrimp taco & Garlic cheese fries from Dos chinos.

And… Wally, Sandy, Karen & I all had Udon noodle from Rolling sushivan.

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