Gourmet Food Trucks featured in OCEA newsletter

Cover of the OCEA newsletter
Photo of the Dos Chino’s bolsa taco
Piaggio on Wheels feeding hungry customers

On December 3, five food trucks: @Piaggioonwheels, @Crepesbonaparte, @shortstopbbq, @tropshaveice & @doschinos were at Orange County Employee Association (OCEA) to help with a food drive. If the photos are not clear, try http://www.oceamember.org

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Irvine: Piaggio, Oh For Sweets Sake, The Lime Truck,

Champagne chicken mac n cheese by Piaggio
Cookies n Cream/ Sweet potato cupcakes from Oh For Sweets Sake
Harvest Grilled Cheese by The Lime Truck
Gnochi from The Lime Truck
Crunchy roll/ Tuna roll from Rolling Sushi Truck
Sloppy Joe Slider from Chomp Chomp Nation truck

Karen and I started out our afternoon at the Teller lot and ordered the Champagne chicken mac & cheese from Piaggio, and cupcakes from Ohforsweetssake.

After a day of shopping we met Martin at the Irvine Lanes for dinner. Karen ordered the gnocchi, and I ordered the Harvest grilled cheese (made with pork & pear compote) from the Lime truck, and picked up some hand rolls from Rolling sushi van.

Martin went to the Chomp chomp truck and got the Sloppy Joe slider.

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Los Alamitos: The Lime Truck, Taco Dawg, Oh For Sweets Sake

Ghetto Hangar Steak from The Lime Truck
Grape Basil Lime aid from The Lime Truck
Jane’s Addiction quesadilla from The Lime Truck
Big Mama tacos from The Taco Dawg
Oh for Sweets Sake Cupcakes
Maple Bacon, 50-50, Almond Joy

The clock is ticking as the year is coming to an end. The Lime Truck said this could be one of the last service, and the foodies came out to Los Alamitos.

Linda and I ordered the Gnocchi, the Hangar Steak & a lime aid from The Lime truck. Karen got the Jane’s Addiction quesadilla, also from Lime. Martin went to The Taco Dawg and got the Big Mama tacos and cupcakes from Oh For Sweets Sake.

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Santa Ana: Dos Chinos, The OC Food Truck, Dan dan bbq, Tropical Shave ice

Mi Amore from the OC Food Truck
Aloe Berry from the OC Food Truck
Chicken Taco from Dos Chinos
the Bolsa pork belly taco from Dos Chinos
Korean bbq rib taco from DanDan BBQ
Shave Ice… yummy

I had a dental appointment and was near the Santa Ana “Mini Tour Tuesday” stop. Martin was getting his hair cut and met me at Sycamore & 3rd.

Martin went to the OC Food Truck and ordered the “it’s amour” sandwich, which I think is made with chicken, and paired it with an Aloe Berry drink. He also went to Dos Chinos and got the chicken taco.

I also went to Dos Chinos and ordered their Bolsa pork belly taco, and went to Dan Dan for their Korean Rib taco. For dessert, I had my shave ice.

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Fullerton: Shortstop BBQ, Dos Chinos, Morsel’s, Chomp Chomp Nation

Turkey w/ creamed corn and fries from Shortstop BBQ
Tri tip and slaw from Shortstop BBQ
The California veggie burrito from Dos Chinos
Strawberry cream puff from Morsels
Tofu Satay from Chomp Chomp Nation
Chicken Satay

Our evening started at the Carter Bowl where Shortstop said they had turkey available, so I ordered the meat & 2 sides plate for dinner and a cream puff from Morsels Bakery Truck for dessert.

Martin also ordered from Shortstop and picked the tri tip with slaw. Karen tried Dos Chinos’ California Veggie burrito.

On our way home, we stopped at Amerige & Harbor Blvd for Chomp Chomp truck for tofu and chicken skewers.

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Costa mesa: Piaggio, Rolling Sushi van

Tilapia Papillot from Piaggio
Empenada & Skirt Steak taco from Piaggio
Spicy tuna chip & Tempura shrimp roll from Rolling Sushi Van
Spicy Tuna Roll

Everyone must be at the mall shopping, on vacation or at Christmas parties. I did not run into any foodie or blogger at lunch.

For lunch, I ordered Piaggio’s special, Tilapia Papilliot, steamed in foil with oregano, tomatoes, olive oil. Martin ordered the empenada and I added a steak taco.

We also picked up a spicy tuna roll, a tempura shrimp crunch roll, and spicy tuna chips from Rolling Sushi Van.

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Irvine: the Lime Truck, BACONMANia, Dos Chinos, Dogzilla hotdogs, Tropical Shave Ice

California cheese steak from The Lime Truck
Chili con carne & bacon from BACONMANia
The Dogzilla
Bolsa taco
Tropical Shave Ice

Finally, back from Vegas! As much as I enjoyed Island Breeze, I missed my OC Food Trucks. The weather let up and we went with Karen to the OC DinAGogo to celebrate the cease rain.

All of us ordered The Lime Truck’s California cheesesteak made with pork, mushrooms, provolone & spinach. I also shared the Chili con carne from Baconmania with Karen.

Martin ordered the Dogzilla hotdog,and I also picked up the Bolsa taco from Dos Chinos. For dessert… Tropical shave ice!

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Las Vegas: Island Breeze (revisited)

Saimen w/ spam
Island fusion wrap
Ahi poke with kim chi

Originally, I wanted to go outlet shopping for a new purse. I’m thinking all of Las Vegas was doing the same as all the parking garages and even the valet was full.

Ok, plan B: Let’s chase a food truck. Island Breeze was on MLK at a Costco parking lot.

I ordered their special of the day, which was the saimen (soup noodle) topped with spam & fish cake, and an ahi poke wrap (same as my first time). Martin ordered two ahi poke wraps topped with kim chi, and for dessert we were given Malasadas, a spongy doughnut rolled in granulated sugar.

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Las Vegas, NV: Island Breeze

Island Breeze trucks, Las Vegas, NV
Ahi Poke tuna island fusion
Spam Musubi

Yes, even on vacation a gourmet truck junkie can’t stay away from a food truck. After checking into our hotel, I searched twitter and found Island Breeze about 7 minutes from the Strip. They were located near Circus Circus in an industrial section. They were pulling away when I flagged them down.

I wanted just a snack since I was meeting my parents for dinner in 3 hours. The guys from Island Breeze suggested the Ahi Poke Island wrap, and I also added an order of Spam Musubi. I wish I could have tried more food, but those morsels hit the spot!

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