Fullerton: Rolling Sushi Van

Tempura Udon
Cheesy Crab Sticks
Spicy tuna chips

On our way home from Los Alamitos, we made a quick stop at the “Truck Tour Thursday” on Harbor & Amerige Ave.

Rolling Sushi, Shortstopbbq, Dos chinos, Loukstogo, Bacon mania, & the OC Food Truck were there.

Martin took off to various trucks (and didn’t save me any photos!) while Karen & I slurped a bowl of udon and shared the Cheesy Crab Sticks (creamcheese & crab wrapped inside a crispy won ton skin) at the Rolling Sushi Van.

Later, Sandy & Wally stopped by as we were leaving, and ordered the Spicy Tuna chips.

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Los Alamitos: Rancho a Go Go, The Lime Truck, Trop Shave Ice

Porky Mac (pulled pork over mac & cheese)
Mac & Cheese from Rancho a GoGo
Hangar steak taco from The Lime Truck
Blanched Shishito peppers from The Lime Truck

Today I was at day 1 of a 3 day seminar on Introduction to Procurement. I have to admit, the information I’m learning is quite interesting, but dry.

Anyhoo, my day was much better than Monday and I wanted to try Rancho a GoGo’s Porky Mac, which is their pulled pork over mac & cheese (a diet breaker, I know!).

While I got that, Karen ordered get Mac & Cheese, sans piggy, while Martin went to Lime Truck and got the Hangar steak taco and the blistered Shishito peppers.

For dessert… Trop Shave Ice (not pictured)

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