Santa Ana: (Libreria Martinez) Oh For Sweets Sake!

The Oh For Sweets Sake truck and Dos Chinos were going to be in DT Santa Ana.  They were trying for their “usual” spot on 3rd and Sycamore, but the parking lot attendant decided to be a jerk and charge them $30 to park. When they hesitated, the parking attendant hiked it to $100.

I stood there watching the 2 poor trucks circle and circle the downtown area, looking for a spot. It was the first Saturday of the month, and Downtown Santa Ana was crowded with people coming in for “Santa Ana Art Walk”

 Dos Chinos took off down Main Street, and Oh For Sweets Sake found a spot on Broadway and 3rd, in front of Libreria Martinez, a latin bookstore. 

At first the bookstore frowned upon the OFSS truck parked in front of their store, saying the truck would block their store. Little did we know it was a grand opening, and they feared their loyal customers would not find the new location.

Well, a win-win compromise solution came about.  OFSS assured Mr. Martinez that the truck will “draw” customers because of twitter and facebook.  In addition if the customers go to the bookstore and buy something, they can show OFSS their receipt and get $1 off their savory order.  That way, truck traffic would bring customers into the bookstore, and bookstore customers can get a discount for buying a book… everyone wins!

Thank you to Mr. Martinez and his family for allowing OFSS share the evening, and I hope your Grand Opening Night was a success!  Muchas Gracias por todo!

Libreria Martinez bookstore is located on 216 N, Broadway in Santa Ana
Next door to Subway Sandwich, on the corner of 3rd and Broadway
OFSS Soul Food Saturday: Mac n Cheese w. corn bread
OFSS Soul Food Saturday Fried Chicken
And you always save room for a OFSS Cupcake!

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