Anaheim: (at Honda Center) Piaggio on Wheels

I am very excited that today a gourmet food truck will be across from the Honda Center before the Ducks game.  Today, Piaggio on Wheels will be serving the fans, and on Sunday, Barcelona onthego will be there.  The truck will be parked off Douglass Road, the parking lot facing the 57 freeway. 

If the fans give good feedback to the gourmet truck, the Deck-B parking lot will allow the gourmet trucks to participate at all the regular season games.

Piaggio on wheels with Honda Center as the backdrop
Fish taco with pink sauce
Tofu & Zucchini over chimi rice & pink sauce
Pulled pork sliders in a sweet hawaiian bun
Skirt steak and zuchinni with chimichurri sauce over rice

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