Irvine: Lime Truck

It was raining all day today, and most of the Gourmet Food Trucks took the day off.  The Lime Truck and Dos Chinos stepped up and serviced the people for lunch and dinner.  Tonight, they went to the Atomic Ballroom, even though the “OC DinDin a Go-Go” was officially cancelled.  In addition Short Stop BBQ came for dinner.

Martin had dinner at Dos Chinos and Short Stop, while Karen and I had dinner at The Lime Truck.  I really wanted Lime’s Grilled Mac & Cheese sandwich, but when I got to the front, they sold out.  Lucky @Lesliepinoc was one of the lucky ones….

The rain cleared, and the foodies came out hungry!
Thank you Lime Truck, Dos Chinos, and Shortstop BBQ for feeding us
@LesliepinOC’s grilled mac and cheese sandwich from Lime Truck
Pork cheek quesadilla from Lime Truck
Kobe beef sliders with chimichurri sauce and onions from Lime Truck

Santa Ana: Crepes Bonaparte

THANK YOU to Crepes Bonaparte for coming to Santa Ana to help with the United Way Kick Off rally.  Even though it was pouring rain, the people came out for the food.  It wasn’t a spectacular turnout, but considering the circumstances, I think we did pretty well!


Rain or Shine, Crepes Bonapare serves up the people!