Santa Ana: Short Stop BBQ

A new gourmet truck launched and I caught up with Short Stop BBQ in Santa Ana’s Artist Village.  The truck has not been wrapped yet, so while I was waiting in the cold rain, a kept seeing a bland white truck go up and down Sycamore and 3rd street. 

Finally I flagged the truck down and asked (Andrew) “Are you the Barbecue truck”?  It was!

Tri Tip Slider with bleu cheese slaw 

BBQ Chicken slider
Pulled Pork Slider with BBQ Vinaigrette slaw, pickled red onions


Santa Ana: Crepes Bonaparte, Dos Chinos

Its a bit wet out today, and there’s a Health Fair going on down the street from my office.  Crepes Bonaparte has a monthly stop at my office the first Tuesday of each month, and was supposed to park in front of my work. 

With the Health Fair, and the lack of foot traffic, they decided to try 3rd and Sycamore with Dos Chinos.  As much as I like seeing them in front of my office, the location on 3rd seem to be better.

Tomato pesto crepe

Nothing stops a foodie from getting food… not even the rain!

Shrimp tacos from Dos Chinos
Filet Mignon tacos from Dos Chinos